Thursday, May 20, 2010

Boy don't you know

Okay so I am so tired of you complaining about the things that we don't have. Why don't you start focusing on the items that we do have. Little do you know that you are slowly driving me away with your negativity. I am on page 1076 of your novel and let me tell you I already have the ending written. You wonder why we argue everyday....hmmmm could it be that this is the end. Why is it that I see that but you don't. Why are you holding on to someone that doesn't want you? I just don't understand your logic. Maybe once I'm gone you will see what you had and then you could stop complaining. The next person I don't know whether or not to feel sorry for them or be happy for them because you are truly a piece of work and guess what..boy don't you know that I'm done.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Why is life so damn unfair? What is the point in being a good person if life is going to turn around and screw you over? There are so many people in life that I want to just let them know "ALL" about themselves but I don't just for the sake of karma, but then I end up getting screwed every which an way later. I bust my ass in school and I'm always trying to make things happen around me where everybody benefits from the situation but who the hell is looking out for me. If I were a suicidal person now would be a good time to just let it all go. People are really driving me crazy. I feel like everybody wants something out of me but who is taking the time to give back to me. I am mentally drained!!!!

Another thing that really pisses me off is that fact that people are always taking me for granted. Just because I am normally happy and funny and I make people laugh doesn't mean that I am not an educated person. Why is it so hard to believe that people who can tell a joke might just have a college degree? Guess what dumb dumbs the joke is on you because, knock knock...who's there?...uneducated..uneducated who? are ya freaking  idiot because I'm sitting here telling your dumb ass a  knock knock joke and you fucking fell for it.

Now to rest my educated brain I like to read trashy ghetto novels like the ones liste below. Sometimes you have to dumb yourself down in order to get on everybody else's level.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ghetto people govern yourselves accordingly!

So, my kid got an invitation to attend a girl at her daycare's birthday party. My kid is always saying this little girl is her best friend so I decide that she can go. I go to RSVP as the invitation states and when I call the first number listed it says "we ain't here, call back." Okay so of course I don't leave a message. I call the second number and leave a message with a nice young lady that I was bringing my daughter to the party. She was like great and I hung up. I get a call at 11pm last night and it's a private call. When I answer off the flip this lady starts with the attitude "who is dis", so I'm like excuse me! She goes "who is dis, you called me!" In my mind I'm starting to get really nigga with it but I remained calm because it's got to be a wrong number. I say "Nooo, you just called me. Who is this?" She was like you called me earlier, so I asked her name. When she told me I remembered calling the lady with the terrible answering machine message with that name. So, I tell her I'm (blanks) mom and I was just RSVP'ing for (blanks) party. She totally flips the script on me and says "ohhhhh, okay. yeah that's my grandbaby. It's a skate party on Saturday it should be fun." So I'm totally confused now because just a second ago you had the voice like you was gonna beat my ass for calling you. So I told I changed my mind. I was gonna bring my daughter but I'm not now and I will send a present with my daughter to daycare for (blank).

There is no way in hell I am letting my daughter go to this party now. There are so many levels of disrespect in this conversation I don't know where to start.

Am I wrong for not letting my daughter go to the party because the grandma ain't go no damn sense? Now I have devastated my daughter and the little girl by not letting her go to the party.

What do I do?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Can I just say this about Tiger Woods

Can I just say that I don't give two cows in a field about Tiger Woods. How many people have we found this year that where cheating on their wives. Money doesn't make anything perfect. It's not a damn surprise to me. You know what I say to Tiger..."Got's to be more careful" that's what I say. If he did have all those women then he probably needs to be on Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew. Stop digging all in someone else's life and dig in your own. What would people be surprised to know about your relationship with your spouse/mate? Ummmm hummmmmm!!!!! That's what I thought. Spend time covering up your own skeletons and stop trying to get the tell all because what would you say in your tell all.

Leave Tiger Woods alone.

On to more pressing issues.

My obsession of the week are North Face Jackets. I hope that Santa brings me one just like the one in the picture or any one in black for that matter.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Ain't nobody adjusted your damn seat!

Why do you always see big people in small cars? If I see one more plus sized person crawl their behind out of a damn Aspire, Geo Metro or Cavalier I am just going to scream. I know that the size of your body doesn't determine the size of your pocket or your credit status, but if you stopped buying at least 3 value meals a week that will add up and afford you to buy a bigger dang car. I know you gotta be crowded in there. I'm just trying to help you out. I mean I know that I'm not Lindsay Lohan skinny but I also can fit in my car proportionately. You doing all that damn scooting just to get out the car Respusia Latimore. Just buy a bigger car. An SUV is a multi-purpose vehicle and they make affordable SUV. Ain't nobody say you gotta go out and buy a Tahoe or an Escalade but you can at least get a Saturn Vue or something.

This blog is just an observation of what I saw earlier at the gas station. It made me think and I had to weigh in on it. (no pun intended)

I don't mean to offend anyone but these are the kinds of thoughts that sometimes run through my head.

Monday, November 16, 2009


How the hell are you gonna just come and try and befriend my group just so you can jack us for our table!!!!! I tell ya white people will do anything to you and right in front of your face!!! We were here first and you gonna come and sit down and start talking to us and then just move your damn group in on my groups damn table. WTF!!!!! People know that they are bold. Why do people feel entitled to do what they want when they want to. That is not the way things are. That is why people have laws to keep order when there is chaos. I'm gonna start some damn chaos up in this library if someone else tries to move me out of my spot. It's about to be a problem.

And another thing. (This one is my personal soap box) Don't keep calling me asking me questions about when I'm gonna be home because you want to do x,y & z. I will get there when I get there. Just stop calling me. I don't hound you when you are gone. I mean geesh.

I'm gonna write a book. Be on the look out.