Friday, October 30, 2009

It's gonna get better

I am feeling a little down and out today. I just kind of feel like I am shuffling through the BS and waiting on life to get better. When is the better going to come. The better job, the better car, the better finances, the better relationship, the better damn everything!

Maybe it's the never ending rain that's making me feel this way. But whenever I feel like I am taking two steps ahead I always get a reality check that is actually fifteen steps back.

I'm gonna try and take my own advice and stay positive. I'm not gonna let the devil steal my joy!

I'm glad church is in a couple days because I need a Jesus pick me up right now.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween and a great weekend.

Talk to you on Monday.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I had to stop and get gas this morning before I went to work and there was this terrible looking crackhead in front of me. The thing about St. Louis that sucks is that you can literally be separated by one block from a bad part and a good part. My side of the subdivision is really quite but if you go up a couple blocks, ummmm not so much. So it was not shocking for me to see the crackhead in the QuikTrip, but did she have to have all that lint and leaves in her wig. And, her lips was all ashy like Tyrone the crackhead on the Dave Chappelle Show. I wanted to tell her that Joe Rogan was down the street. lol!

Okay and she was buying beer at 8:45 am and was on a cell phone. Who was she talking to? Do other crackheads be up that early too? And do other crackheads have cell phones also? We have really moved to an all technology world when a crackhead needs they cell phone to make calls instead of selling it for a few dollars. Then when she turned around she had the nerve to look me up and down like I was bothering her. I was just standing there waiting my turn to get my $2 on pump 2! lmao! I know she shamed!

This story is the main reason I have to leave St. Louis. I need to move somewhere where the gentrification is separated by directions not blocks. Like all the rich black people on the West side and all the white people live on the North side, etc. St. Louis is turning into 8 mile, where the poverty line is drawn by the abandoned, burnt down house.

This is just ridiculous and unnecessary.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let's set the record straight....

For the record not all black people are ghetto. Why do we always have to be classified as that one lady they chose to speak to on the news with the shower cap and the three teeth. There are many of us that are very well educated and conduct ourselves like upstanding citizens of the law. There is no need for you to look at me sideways when you see me coming in your direction. How do I know that you aren't gonna try and do something to me Mr. Latino, Asian, Indian or White man. You are the reason I carry a knife in my purse because I don't know if you are gonna try and set it off on me like Larenz Tate did in Dead Presidents.

And another thing. Just because you see me in the Walmart does not mean I am anything like that bleached blond check out lady with the gold tooth on the side of her mouth. She may be popping her gum and telling the other cashier how she gonna drop it like it's hot at the club tonight but that doesn't mean I am going to be doing the same thing. Please don't stereotype me or anyone else because you are only showing your ignorance. I don't think that all White people live in trailers and park their cars on their front lawn, and not all Mexicans pile in the same car to get somewhere, and not every Arab owns a damn gas station either.

So for the record....not ALL black people are the hot ghetto mess you see in the Walmart or on the news. Many of us are probably more educated than you are.

Disclaimer: This is the opinion of one person...myself. I based this off of experiences I have encountered in my life. I was not talking to one person in specific so please do not take offense. But if you do, then I was probably talking about you!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The black Betty Crocker is in the building.

I am about as broke as they come right now, and I had to go to the store yesterday and get dinner to last us til Friday on $20. Okay, so I'm thinking to myself "how the hell are you going to pull this one off?" Luckily for me I remembered some of my white people inspirational tips about grocery shopping on a budget. I looked at what we had in the pantry and the freezer and came out the store with dinner for 4 days and only spent $19.67. Now tell me that ain't fly. And we ain't eating like Hamburger Helper either. We are have Shrimp Creole, Chicken Fettuccine, Beef Stroganoff, and Beef & Noodles (not necessarily in that order). That's four days worth of meals without a repeat except for lunch. And Farrakhan said that white people weren't useful. (Just kidding white people, don't be mad, I love y'all.)

I am the black Betty Crocker (or as I refer to myself, the BBC)! LOL! And we are having chocolate chip cookies for dessert one night too.

If you need a hook up on recession proof meal ideas...I'm ya girl!

Monday, October 26, 2009

I love my QUEENS!!!!!

This blog is the beginning of putting my own ideals on the minds of millions. I have always been criticized because I always say what everybody is already thinking. I am not going to be afraid to speak my mind in order to appear PC (politically correct). Let's get started.

Okay, so I went to a wedding this weekend and it was really nice. Just your average couple professing their love to one another. It was great. NOW, the highlight of the wedding was the bride's son. I have only met him a few times but he is great and about as flaming as they come. (He makes me want to a better woman. Like just being born a woman isn't enough. I got to step up my game when it comes to him) BAAABBBBBY, when I say they played Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and the part about doing the Naomi Campbell walk came on and he strutted up the aisle and put every woman in that place to shame. I mean he was giving it to them, gave to them and gettin' it something serious honey.

I don't care what anybody say, everybody loves a Queen. Whether they are putting on a show, rocking a better make up and full lace application than me or just giving you that look like "OHHHHH, baby I wish you would". Don't be offended when you see a queen. They are just being them, like you are just being you.

I love my QUEENS!!!!!