Thursday, October 29, 2009


I had to stop and get gas this morning before I went to work and there was this terrible looking crackhead in front of me. The thing about St. Louis that sucks is that you can literally be separated by one block from a bad part and a good part. My side of the subdivision is really quite but if you go up a couple blocks, ummmm not so much. So it was not shocking for me to see the crackhead in the QuikTrip, but did she have to have all that lint and leaves in her wig. And, her lips was all ashy like Tyrone the crackhead on the Dave Chappelle Show. I wanted to tell her that Joe Rogan was down the street. lol!

Okay and she was buying beer at 8:45 am and was on a cell phone. Who was she talking to? Do other crackheads be up that early too? And do other crackheads have cell phones also? We have really moved to an all technology world when a crackhead needs they cell phone to make calls instead of selling it for a few dollars. Then when she turned around she had the nerve to look me up and down like I was bothering her. I was just standing there waiting my turn to get my $2 on pump 2! lmao! I know she shamed!

This story is the main reason I have to leave St. Louis. I need to move somewhere where the gentrification is separated by directions not blocks. Like all the rich black people on the West side and all the white people live on the North side, etc. St. Louis is turning into 8 mile, where the poverty line is drawn by the abandoned, burnt down house.

This is just ridiculous and unnecessary.

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