Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let's set the record straight....

For the record not all black people are ghetto. Why do we always have to be classified as that one lady they chose to speak to on the news with the shower cap and the three teeth. There are many of us that are very well educated and conduct ourselves like upstanding citizens of the law. There is no need for you to look at me sideways when you see me coming in your direction. How do I know that you aren't gonna try and do something to me Mr. Latino, Asian, Indian or White man. You are the reason I carry a knife in my purse because I don't know if you are gonna try and set it off on me like Larenz Tate did in Dead Presidents.

And another thing. Just because you see me in the Walmart does not mean I am anything like that bleached blond check out lady with the gold tooth on the side of her mouth. She may be popping her gum and telling the other cashier how she gonna drop it like it's hot at the club tonight but that doesn't mean I am going to be doing the same thing. Please don't stereotype me or anyone else because you are only showing your ignorance. I don't think that all White people live in trailers and park their cars on their front lawn, and not all Mexicans pile in the same car to get somewhere, and not every Arab owns a damn gas station either.

So for the record....not ALL black people are the hot ghetto mess you see in the Walmart or on the news. Many of us are probably more educated than you are.

Disclaimer: This is the opinion of one person...myself. I based this off of experiences I have encountered in my life. I was not talking to one person in specific so please do not take offense. But if you do, then I was probably talking about you!


  1. OMG did you see that lady on the news who's ex boyfriend tried to shoot her at the gas station or something and the only thing that stopped the bullet from going through her head was her too tight weave??!!!

  2. Sandy...that's exactly what I am talking about. I am not going to be all on the news talking about "Oh my guuddness, I would died if Shaquana ain't just tighten my tracks!"