Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ghetto people govern yourselves accordingly!

So, my kid got an invitation to attend a girl at her daycare's birthday party. My kid is always saying this little girl is her best friend so I decide that she can go. I go to RSVP as the invitation states and when I call the first number listed it says "we ain't here, call back." Okay so of course I don't leave a message. I call the second number and leave a message with a nice young lady that I was bringing my daughter to the party. She was like great and I hung up. I get a call at 11pm last night and it's a private call. When I answer off the flip this lady starts with the attitude "who is dis", so I'm like excuse me! She goes "who is dis, you called me!" In my mind I'm starting to get really nigga with it but I remained calm because it's got to be a wrong number. I say "Nooo, you just called me. Who is this?" She was like you called me earlier, so I asked her name. When she told me I remembered calling the lady with the terrible answering machine message with that name. So, I tell her I'm (blanks) mom and I was just RSVP'ing for (blanks) party. She totally flips the script on me and says "ohhhhh, okay. yeah that's my grandbaby. It's a skate party on Saturday it should be fun." So I'm totally confused now because just a second ago you had the voice like you was gonna beat my ass for calling you. So I told I changed my mind. I was gonna bring my daughter but I'm not now and I will send a present with my daughter to daycare for (blank).

There is no way in hell I am letting my daughter go to this party now. There are so many levels of disrespect in this conversation I don't know where to start.

Am I wrong for not letting my daughter go to the party because the grandma ain't go no damn sense? Now I have devastated my daughter and the little girl by not letting her go to the party.

What do I do?


  1. invite that child over for a play date and give her the gift then - that way YOUR daughter and the other innocent child still get to play - but then at least it's on YOUR terms

  2. I don't even know what to add, because I'm laughing so hard. How do you get yourself in these ghetto situations?