Friday, December 18, 2009

Can I just say this about Tiger Woods

Can I just say that I don't give two cows in a field about Tiger Woods. How many people have we found this year that where cheating on their wives. Money doesn't make anything perfect. It's not a damn surprise to me. You know what I say to Tiger..."Got's to be more careful" that's what I say. If he did have all those women then he probably needs to be on Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew. Stop digging all in someone else's life and dig in your own. What would people be surprised to know about your relationship with your spouse/mate? Ummmm hummmmmm!!!!! That's what I thought. Spend time covering up your own skeletons and stop trying to get the tell all because what would you say in your tell all.

Leave Tiger Woods alone.

On to more pressing issues.

My obsession of the week are North Face Jackets. I hope that Santa brings me one just like the one in the picture or any one in black for that matter.

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  1. Amen...

    No one is perfect!! I for one hate watching the news cause of the snarky ass comments from the anchors. The women that he cheated with are nothing more than money and fame whores. The only thing that they are great for is snitching and cause a demise of a marriage. NO one knows what goes on in a marriage. Just pray for some redemption.