Thursday, May 6, 2010


Why is life so damn unfair? What is the point in being a good person if life is going to turn around and screw you over? There are so many people in life that I want to just let them know "ALL" about themselves but I don't just for the sake of karma, but then I end up getting screwed every which an way later. I bust my ass in school and I'm always trying to make things happen around me where everybody benefits from the situation but who the hell is looking out for me. If I were a suicidal person now would be a good time to just let it all go. People are really driving me crazy. I feel like everybody wants something out of me but who is taking the time to give back to me. I am mentally drained!!!!

Another thing that really pisses me off is that fact that people are always taking me for granted. Just because I am normally happy and funny and I make people laugh doesn't mean that I am not an educated person. Why is it so hard to believe that people who can tell a joke might just have a college degree? Guess what dumb dumbs the joke is on you because, knock knock...who's there?...uneducated..uneducated who? are ya freaking  idiot because I'm sitting here telling your dumb ass a  knock knock joke and you fucking fell for it.

Now to rest my educated brain I like to read trashy ghetto novels like the ones liste below. Sometimes you have to dumb yourself down in order to get on everybody else's level.

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