Thursday, November 5, 2009

How triflin.....

How nasty and trifling are you that you are driving down the freeway brushing your damn teeth. You didn't have enough time to do that at home before you left the house. So, it you didn't have time to do that what else didn't you have time to do.....wash your ass maybe. Hummmmmm! That is just nasty. This is for you mister in the silver Versa I saw yesterday brushing your nasty damn teeth on 70. Newsflash if you were gonna be late, you would have still been late if you had of taken the time to wash your behind and brush your teeth at home. Now whoever you are gonna go meet has to shake your nasty toothpaste crusted hand. And another thing, if you are dipping your toothbrush in a cup of water you are just putting the same nasty critters you scrapped off your teeth in that water and putting them back on your teeth. That is just disgusting.

Please people, hygiene first but take care of that at home before you leave the house damn it.

Just triflin' and nasty!

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